Dodge Avenger Participates In Incredibly Quick Police PIT

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Dodge Avenger Participates In Incredibly Quick Police PIT
Dodge Avenger Participates In Incredibly Quick Police PIT

We’ve seen some fast police PITs of well over 100 mph and those usually don’t turn out well. But this one out of Arkansas involving a suspect fleeing in his Dodge Avenger is perhaps the quickest PIT maneuver we’ve ever seen. The trooper pulls it off so rapidly, we’re pretty sure the suspect was left wondering what happened.

Did Florida Highway Patrol screw up on this PIT maneuver?

Like so many traffic stops, this one began because the trooper ran the plate and it came back with no insurance. We know some people think that’s all Big Brother of cops to pull someone over because their insurance lapsed. But try getting into an accident with someone who doesn’t have coverage and tell us how fun of an experience that is.


The suspect pulls over at a gas station instead of immediately running. Then he talks nonsense with the trooper about how his driver’s license is suspended but he seems to not know why. For his part, the trooper is quite professional and patient. We might not have been so kind.

But once the guy lets his intrusive thoughts win, he dashes back to the Dodge and seems to think he can gap the cop big time. The thing is the trooper knows who he is, so even if he were in a Hellcat he wouldn’t really get away with anything.

Instead, he puts up a pathetic attempt to escape, the Avenger accelerating more like a 10-speed bicycle than a muscle car. This allows the trooper to set up a PIT maneuver rapidly and spin the Dodge onto the shoulder, where the front end gets absolutely demolished by a tree trunk.

It’s such a quick PIT, we wonder if it doesn’t qualify for some sort of record. The trooper at least should be allowed to wear an honorary pin on his uniform.

Check out the video for yourself.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube