Dodge Challenger Pulls Crazy Stunt, Crashes Into Starbucks

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Dodge Challenger Pulls Crazy Stunt, Crashes Into Starbucks
Dodge Challenger Pulls Crazy Stunt, Crashes Into Starbucks

Dodge Challenger drivers have quite the reputation for doing stupid stuff on the road, but this stunt pulled by some guy in metro Boston area really takes the cake. Somehow, he drove the muscle car tipped up on driver’s side wheels before slamming into a Starbucks.

This drug dealer really can’t drive his Dodge Challenger.

According to WCVB, which obtained a driver’s dashcam video of the incident, the Dodge Challenger was speeding down Route 1 when it hit a utility pole, and that put in up on two wheels. We’ve seen cars get flipped of even hung up on poles before thanks to the guy wires, so we’re guessing that’s how this happened.


It’s also worth noting traffic was stopped at a red light when the Mopar muscle car flew by. It’s a guess, but we’d be willing to bet the driver wasn’t paying attention, realized at the last second traffic ahead was stopped, swerved to the side of the road, hit the utility pole guy wire, and the rest is history.

We know a lot of enthusiasts are out enjoying their performance cars now that the weather is nice and warm. It’s a great activity, but you need to keep things under control. Getting caught up in how fun your muscle car is to drive, not paying attention to what’s happening around you, is a good way to wreck out big time.

Unfortunately, a Starbucks worker was hurt in the crash. We don’t know the extent of the person’s injuries, only that they were minor but she was transported to the hospital.

With how many Starbucks there are, it’s no wonder they’re hit by cars fairly regularly. In some cities you can throw a rock in any direction and hit one, it’s ridiculous.

The incident could’ve been worse had there been cross traffic at the intersection. But the dashcam footage shows the light turned green just before the Challenger blasted through on two wheels.

Image via WCVB Channel 5 Boston/YouTube

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