Dodge Ram Gets Rammed By Arkansas Trooper

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Dodge Ram Gets Rammed By Arkansas Trooper
Dodge Ram Gets Rammed By Arkansas Trooper

There’s something about Dodge Rams that attract some of the most insanely aggressive drivers out there. Maybe it was the marketing campaign back in the day, all about grabbing life by the horns or something else, we’re not sure. All we know is after being tailgated by so many Rams and seeing quite a few accidents caused by them, there’s something therapeutic about watching an Arkansas trooper ram into one.

The Off-Road Dodge Viper leaves us feeling confused.

A female suspect driving this particular Dodge Ram caught the trooper’s attention as he was monitoring traffic on westbound I-40 in Arkansas. The trooper says he clocked her going 87 mph and so he pulled out to conduct a traffic stop.


You see in the dashcam footage the trooper catches up quickly and the Dodge truck starts pulling onto the right shoulder, but it doesn’t slow down. It’s a bizarre move, nothing like the old trick of stopping then pulling away once the trooper is walking toward the vehicle.

Form there, the chase punches to speeds over 110 mph as the driver tries to weave around and lose the trooper. But he sticks to the pickup, even when it veers onto an exit ramp.

What happens next is the big mistake the suspect makes that gives the trooper a huge opening. She turns left off the exit ramp but doesn’t stick the apex. That puts her on the shoulder in the dirt and on the other side of the support pylons for the overpass.

This means the trooper is able to essentially get alongside her since he takes a shorter path. So when she shoots back over to the pavement he’s right behind her. He doesn’t PIT the truck right then since it’s going slow and is heavier than his vehicle.

Instead, as she turns left again to get on the interstate entrance ramp, he accelerates and hits her driver’s side rear corner so hard his dashcam falls down. The brutal hit works for the stop and is just so satisfying to see, even if we don’t get a view of the aftermath.

Check it out for yourself.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube