Don’t Do This When Off-Roading

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Don’t Do This When Off-Roading
Don’t Do This When Off-Roading

If you want to keep your rig in perfect condition, park it in the garage and never hit the trails. You won’t because that’s boring. Taking zero risks isn’t any fun. That said, when off-roading it’s still a good idea to be prudent, at least to a degree. This incident where three Jeeps get wrecked in the blink of an eye illustrates why.

The SV Rover Hypertruck is absolutely insane.

Out on trails, we’ve seen some old timers park their Jeep uphill from the base of a steep portion on a trail while waiting on others to make the ascent. For a while, we didn’t really understand why they did that and at one point we thought they were just paranoid.


But as you see in this video, that’s actually the smart thing to do. When pushed, off-roaders can fail big time, sometimes the brakes going out, or they just tumble like a football kicked end over end, becoming a wrecking ball for anything on the pathway of least resistance.

In the brief footage, you see the first Wrangler take a good gallop before hitting that soft slope. But it struggles to gain traction about two thirds of the way up, snaking back and forth. Instead of backing off and trying again, the driver keeps pushing the envelope until something fails big.

That’s when it rolls backwards, then spins around and like a runaway freight train comes rocketing down the slope, right towards the guys standing in front of the most forward parked Jeep. Thankfully, they scatter before impact.

But the destruction isn’t done. Brushing off the first impact, the first Wrangler barrels nose-to-nose into our Wrangler recording the whole incident. So in the blink of an eye, three Jeeps were wrecked. Maybe you should copy the old timers and park up a slope, away from the path of least resistance next time?

Image via Motion427/YouTube