Drake Buys Ultra Rare Brabus Off-Roader

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Drake Buys Ultra Rare Brabus Off-Roader
Drake Buys Ultra Rare Brabus Off-Roader

To celebrate his 37th birthday, rapper/singer Drake has dropped a big wad of cash on a Brabus Crawler. With only 15 in existence and being a Brabus, you know the open-air off-roader is far from cheap. But this ride even makes a lot of Rolls-Royces look affordable.

Matthew Perry owned quite the car collection.

Drake alerted everyone to the news on his Instagram Story with a dark photo of the Brabus Crawler, which should’ve set the musician back about a whopping $1 million, although with Brabus buyers can add bespoke elements, leading to a price increase. A caption at the top of the nighttime photo reads “still buying toys” with three red drip emojis in front of that.

Tony Bet, the car customizer who counts Drizzy as a client, dropped photos of the off-roader on Instagram, which he apparently helped customize.

All the body panels on the Crawler are made of carbon fiber. As you can see in the images, the Brabus features a gray exterior with red roll cage and seats. Black trim pieces, including a hood intake, add to the tough look. LED light bars are integrated into the roof, providing plenty of lighting if Drake ever wants to tool around in the dead of night.

And of course, there’s a signature Brabus rear wing just in case anyone didn’t catch who made this rig.

According to Brabus, the Crawler not only is limited to just 15 units worldwide, it’s pumping out a monstrous 900-horsepower. It’s also the first model from the brand with a custom lightweight chassis designed from the ground up.

Technically designated as a dune racer, that helps explain why the rig has so much power. Under the hood sits a nice twin-turbo 4.5-liter V8 for explosive performance. Other features include front and rear portal axles, adjustable shocks, and seat harnesses so nobody goes flying out the sled as it launches off a sand dune.

Drake already had an impressive car collection, so this just adds to his stable of toys.