Driving A Gemballa Avalanche Is All About The Vibes

Screenshot: Magnus Walker on YouTube
Screenshot: Magnus Walker on YouTube

If you had to boil down the 1980s south Florida ethos into an automobile, it almost certainly would look something like this 1987 Gemballa Avalanche. Based on Porsche’s iconic “930” 911 Turbo, it’s already a lesson in excess, but once you’ve tacked on the giant fender flares, mesh BBS wheels, and a slant nose body kit, then slathered the whole thing in pearlescent cocaine white, it’s pure vice and vibes. It’s rad to the max, baby.

Magnus Walker, world-renowned Porsche collector and YouTube creator, recently flew to Miami to drive around the over-the-top neon and chrome city with John Temerian, co-founder of Curated Vintage Supercars. This car was recently restored by Curated, and the results speak for themselves. These cars weren’t exactly built to the highest of standards when they were new, but reworking and massaging them in the modern day with throwback materials makes for a much more cohesive package.

It isn’t really known how many Avalanche were built in-period, but it is believed to be no more than 14, making this a pretty rare experience. The car was fitted with a Ruf-built BTR motor from new, making 369 horsepower, which was damn potent in 1987. It also got a 5-speed gearbox instead of the 930's standard 4-speed. Given the 930's reputation for oversteer and its “doctor killer” nickname, it probably needed the widebody and 315-section width rear tires, cribbed from its contemporary Lamborghini Countach.


This was the kind of car you bought if you wanted to stand out, and in 1980s Miami, everyone wanted to stand out. Whether you were a drug dealer, Golds’ Gym owner, or celebrity, you probably wanted a Gemballa, but only a few actually got them.

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