Drug Dealer In BMW Can’t Handle Running From Cops

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Drug Dealer In BMW Can’t Handle Running From Cops
Drug Dealer In BMW Can’t Handle Running From Cops

Watching suspected drug dealers using their BMW to run from police is surely going to make for entertaining dashcam footage. Whether they end up getting away or are caught, you know the pursuit will be crazy enough. But this chase with Arkansas State Police ends more dramatically than most with a crash at 130 mph, pouring on the drama big time.

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A lot of people who obviously don’t know that much about driving believe all you need to be fast is money to buy a powerful car. It’s a mistake even made sometimes in motorsports by team owners who think if they throw enough money at the vehicles they’ll win. But just like in racing, when it comes to running from police it’s about more than just the car.


The suspect driver in this video does the same thing we see over and over, pulling over and acting like he’s complying with a lawful traffic stop, then suddenly taking off. Do these guys not get that since this happens so much it’s just not a shock to cops anymore?

Pushing the BMW in rainy weather, the alleged drug dealers cut it close moving through a fair amount of traffic. They cut over a gore point, use the shoulder, and amazingly lane split at one point thanks to someone pulling over for the police siren.

As traffic lightens one would think all these guys have to do is just punch it and leaves the cops eating their dust. They do, reaching 130 mph but the pursuing trooper actually starts closing the gap thanks to the Bimmer driver not knowing how to weave around slower cars efficiently.

Traffic thickens up some again, the alleged drug dealer driver finds out what oversteer is, looks to lift his foot off the accelerator while also overcorrecting, and spins out into the median guardrail.

This is why racecar drivers say to never lift, especially when you’re in trouble.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube