This Drug Dealer In A Dodge Challenger Really Can’t Drive

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This Drug Dealer In A Dodge Challenger Really Can’t Drive
This Drug Dealer In A Dodge Challenger Really Can’t Drive

One would think if you’re dealing drugs and in general breaking the law, the last thing you’d want to do is drive recklessly. After all, a cop would have reason to pull you over and might figure out the other stuff you’ve been up to. But like with this alleged drug dealer in a yellow Dodge Challenger, we see criminals do everything they can to encourage traffic stops.

A crabbing Dodge Charger has completely freaked people out.

In the dashcam footage, you see the Arkansas trooper get behind the Mopar muscle car after he saw the driver didn’t use his turn signal. Instead of just pulling the guy over right there, which he could have, the trooper decides to trail him and see what else he might do.


That’s when he sees the suspect cross the double yellow line repeatedly, so the trooper initiates a traffic stop. At first our drug dealing friend pulls over and pretends to comply, but he won’t put the car in park and shut off the engine, probably because he wants to do that cool trick where you take off once the cop walks up.

With the engine roaring, the guy literally burns rubber and takes off. Only he spins the tires a lot and that doesn’t help him hook up and get out of there. So many drug dealers and other criminals think they’re automatically great drivers just because when in fact they’re badly outmatched by well-trained police like ASP troopers.

That’s evident when the guy turns left and the trooper spins the Challenger out, then hits him again. Even though it doesn’t end the chase, it shows the trooper is a locked on and means business.

Our suspect is all gas, no brakes, and no control as he almost wrecks out getting away again. He almost eats it making a simple right turn, making it plain he’s just a bad driver all around. For his effort, he gets tagged again by the trooper’s push bar.

After a few more love taps, the trooper PITs the Dodge into a ditch and drives his patrol car in it for good measure. That ends the chase and in the trooper’s report he says they found bottles of Promethazine, a little over 4 lbs. of marijuana, THC gushers, and $3,720 in cash.

If you’re going to challenge ASP to a race, at least have decent driving skills.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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