Fisker Ocean Electric Crossover Is Seeing Some Massive Discounts

fisker ocean parked on road
Fisker Ocean Is Seeing Some Massive DiscountsFisker
  • Fisker cuts prices for 2023 Ocean models amid a struggling financial outlook, with discounts of up to $24,000.

  • The 2023 Fisker Ocean now starts at $27,437 for the base Sport trim, with two other versions also seeing deep discounts.

  • The EV maker was reported to be in talks with restructuring specialists this month, amid talks with a large automaker.

As rumors of a possible bankruptcy continue to swirl around Fisker, the EV startup is offering deep, deep discounts on its Ocean model, which paints a picture of financial instability.

Just how big are the discounts?

The electric SUV is seeing price cuts of as much as $24,000, bringing the starting price of the range-topping Ocean Extreme model down from $63,937 to $39,937.


Other trim levels are seeing more modest price cuts, but all the discounts are firmly in five-figure territory.

The mid-range Ultra model now starts at $37,437, having dropped by $18,000. The model initially had a starting price of $55,437. The entry-level Sport trim, meanwhile, starts at just $27,437 (after an initial base of $41,437), making it one of the least expensive EVs on sale today.

The nearest competitor in this price range, in case you're wondering, is the the Nissan Leaf at $29,280.

If there's a catch of any sort, it's that these discounts concern 2023 model year Fisker Oceans, rather than 2024 models. Fisker initially focused on a direct sales model, but in January it announced a hybrid approach, planning for traditional dealers to sign on.

Not long ago Fisker said it had quite a few undelivered units sitting around from last year, and this appears to be part of an effort to quickly clear that backlog, especially if you're the adventurous type. Fisker has even paused production for six weeks to clear out some inventory.

The EV maker is also reported to have ended talks of an investment from a major automaker with no result, rumors of which first appeared a few weeks ago as the EV maker has searched for continued financing.

The company, by its own admission, is not expected to have enough cash through 2024 to keep operations going, pointing to a possible restructuring effort fairly soon.

Realistically, the EV startup needs a substantial cash infusion from a larger automaker to salvage its model lineup and its operations.

But with demand for EVs having seen some pullback over the past year, a complete bailout of Fisker appears to be a tall order, especially now that many larger automakers have their own electric models to offer.

The discounts on the 2023 Ocean might ultimately move some unsold units, but they're unlikely to right the ship in the longer term.

Would you buy an EV from a smaller automaker that was struggling financially, or is it too much of a risk when it comes to service later on? Let us know in the comments below.