Ford Mustang Lovers Can Now Have Their Dream Pony Car Weddings at Charlotte Motor Speedway

ford mustang badge
Ford's New Mustang Center Can Host WeddingsFord

Today is the 60th anniversary of the Mustang, and Ford is celebrating by announcing the opening of a space for Mustang owners adjacent to a North Carolina race track. Ford says that the venue will serve a wide variety of purposes, from track time to weddings.

In addition to its use as a highly specialized wedding venue, the Mustang Experience Center also features a heritage gallery, a parts shop, and a merch store. Ford envisions it as a "gathering place for the Mustang community," akin to what the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky has become for fans of GM's flagship sports car. The center makes Charlotte something like a second home for the long-lived Mustang brand, although it is some ten hours by car from the Flat Rock Assembly Plant where seventh-generation Mustangs are built.

The center is located at Charlotte Motor Speedway, a NASCAR track that already hosts the Mustang Dark Horse Track Attack program on its unique 'Roval' layout. The experience center addition brings a new owner-focused track program in the form of Mustang Unleashed, which expands access to hands-on instruction and track time around the Roval to include owners of both GT and EcoBoost Mustang variants in addition to the track-focused Dark Horse.


The track programs mirror similar owner instruction programs for the Bronco and Raptor lines. Those programs, the Bronco Off-Roadeo and the sensationally named Ranger Raptor Assault School, are already in operation and the Bronco events have opened to non-owners as well.

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