Ford Mustang Sedan Rumors Confirmed

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Ford Mustang Sedan Rumors Confirmed
Ford Mustang Sedan Rumors Confirmed

To the shock of nobody who’s been paying attention, Ford CEO Jim Farley recently confirmed rumors that a four-door sedan version of the Mustang is in the works. There’s been talk of such a thing for a few years now and we’ve strongly suspected Ford was measuring interest in such a product.

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Speaking with Autocar, Farley said the Mustang has a huge global following, so “other Mustang body forms – a four-door or whatever” could work. He didn’t outright declare it’s coming, but that’s about as close as we’re going to get until spy photos and an official reveal come about.


What Farley didn’t say is that with the current form of the Dodge Charger going bye-bye there’s a gap in the muscle car market for a four-door offering. We know some people get all twisted up about how a sedan is never a muscle car, but they’re honestly stuck in 1969.

The Charger has been a huge seller since many parents and just people who want to haul other adults while still enjoying beefy V8 performance have opted for it over the Challenger. Ford is obviously licking its chops over scooping up those sales, which if it plays its cards right, it could.

Farley talked about expanding the Mustang’s offerings both in the lower and upper echelons of the performance market. He’s previously talked about releasing something equivalent to the Porsche GT3 RS and GT2 RS models, so perhaps some hardcore track versions of the Mustang are also in the works. The GTD is already on the way, but more motorsport derivatives of the pony car could be in the mix.

The truly ironic thing about that interview with Autocar is that Farley said, “We will never build a Mustang that isn’t a Mustang.” Yeah, he went there after the Mach-E has been on the market for a while.

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