Freak Monster Truck Show Accident Looks Scary

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Freak Monster Truck Show Accident Looks Scary
Freak Monster Truck Show Accident Looks Scary

A monster truck show in Topsham, Maine took a scary turn when one of the trucks went off a jump, hitting utility lines overhead. That pulled down the lines onto the crowd as people scrambled to get away from live wires.

Batman’s monster truck is the best Batmobile.

The force of the truck hitting the utility lines pulled down several poles, allowing the lines to fall into the middle of the crowd watching the show. Somehow, in all the chaos only one person was injured badly, although others suffered minor injuries. It could have been so much worse that we like to think this was nothing short of a miracle.


Normally, monster truck show accidents involve a truck accelerating out of control into the stands. With big wheels that can roll over most obstacles, retaining fences and such do little to nothing to slow one down. So, this kind of accident is unusual, to say the least.

Held at the Topsham Fairgrounds, we’re not sure who thought it would be a good idea to put a jump right by where there are overhead utility lines. Obviously, nobody thought the monster trucks would reach that high but they were wrong.

Footage of the accident shows as people run away from the downed utility lines. One man holding a small child appears to struggle to get free of a downed line, but shelters the child and eventually gets free.

Another person can be seen towards the edge of the footage of the accident lying on their side on the ground. We’re unsure if that was the non-minor injury but it seems likely.

It was the Crushstation Nation monster truck, which has a body made to look like a Maine lobster, which was involved in the accident. The truck and driver didn’t appear to be affected by contact with the power lines.

Ultimately, this proves that going to see any motorsports event, be it a race or a monster truck show, comes with a degree of risk.

Image via WMTW-TV/YouTube