Genesis Neolun Concept Previews Future Luxe EV SUV, Likely Named GV90

genesis neolun concept front
Genesis Neolun Concept Previews Future Luxe EV SUVGenesis
  • The Genesis Neolun concept previews a future large electric SUV that we expect to be called the GV90.

  • The concept has smooth bodywork painted a pretty mix of Midnight Black and Majestic Blue, and it features fancy coach doors.

  • Inside, the Neolun's interior is covered in cashmere and leather, with a real wood floor; the front seats also swivel to face the rears.

As has become tradition at the New York auto show, Genesis presented its vision for the future at its luxurious showroom, Genesis House. The Neolun concept is a large and opulent SUV, with smooth bodywork and a decadent cabin. We believe this concept previews a future electric SUV, expected to be call the GV90, that should arrive in the coming years.

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The Neolun's name comes from the Greek word “Neo” for new and the Latin word “luna” for moon. The combination and the concept's tranquil design is said to be inspired by Korean moon-shaped porcelain jars.

genesis neolun concept rear

The Neolun sports a roof rack that raises when needed but otherwise hides, sitting flush with the roof. Genesis’s distinctive twin-line headlights and taillights are also integrated smoothly into the bodywork, with the headlights forming a triangular grille shape as seen previous on the sporty X series of concepts. The Neolun is painted a mixture of Midnight Black and Majestic Blue, a deep, lustrous hue.


In typical concept car fashion, the Neolun ditches a B-pillar in favor of coach doors. Notably, Genesis says the development of these doors has “reached a level where its application to production vehicles is now feasible.” Electric side steps automatically lower when the doors are opened to ease ingress and egress.

genesis neolun concept interior seats

The cabin is spacious, with just two rows and kingly captain’s chairs for the second row. There is a unique heating system that has heating films on the dashboard, door trims, floor, seatbacks, and console sides. This is meant to efficiently radiate heat throughout the car, instead of blowing directly out of vents in the dash. The sound system is also said to be “advanced,” with the tweeters, midrange speakers, woofers, and subwoofers situated to create an “immersive audio experience.”

The front-row seats can swivel, and a large screen lowers from the roof for the rear passengers. The cabin is upholstered in Royal Indigo cashmere and Purple Silk leather, paired with a real wood floor.

genesis neolun concept interior dash

Genesis says that they “don’t do show cars for the show business,” indicating that a version of the Neolun concept will reach production. This flagship SUV will come soon, and we expect to see it within the next five years.

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