Genesis X Gran Racer VGT Concept Stuns with 1540 Horsepower

genesis x gran racer vgt concept
Genesis X Gran Racer VGT Concept Is a StunnerMichael Aaron - Car and Driver
  • Powered by a V-6 and an electric supercharger, the Genesis X Gran Racer VGT concept is said to produce 1540 hp and 1051 pound-feet of torque.

  • This concept is the fourth vehicle that Genesis has developed for the Gran Turismo racing game.

  • Covered in Magma paint, the concept is another addition to the previously revealed Magma vehicles.

Today at the 2024 Busan International Mobility Show, Genesis pulled the cover off the new X Gran Racer VGT concept, their latest hybrid concept car. The X Gran Racer VGT concept is a follow-up to the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta concept that we saw earlier this year at the 2024 New York auto show. This concept, however, takes things further with a bigger focus on aerodynamics as well as an increase in power.

We’ve seen plenty of striking concept cars from Genesis in the past several years. Concepts rarely go to production, but they preview future design language and help brands get feedback from their customers on future products. Concept cars also show what a brand can do when they go full out with no limits, restrictions, or regulations.

genesis x gran racer vgt concept
Michael Aaron - Car and Driver

The last few years have been a whirlwind of wild and drool-inducing concepts that will take some time to recount. Deep breath. There’s the Genesis X, the X Speedium Coupe, the X Convertible, the GV80 Coupe, the X Gran Berlinetta, the X Snow Speedium, the GV60 Magma, the Neolun, and finally the Genesis X Gran Racer VGT concept. Exhale. This isn’t every concept car Genesis has made, but the wild part is that these concepts have been revealed in a little more than three years.


The beating heart of the X Gran Racer VGT concept is a front-mid-mounted V-6 from Hyundai’s Lambda engine family, which is paired with an electric supercharger. This hybrid powertrain churns out 1540 horsepower and 1051 pound-feet of torque. That’s nearly 500 more horses than the X Gran Berlinetta concept. The V-6 is also said to have a screaming 10,000 rpm redline.

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Car and Driver

The X Gran Racer VGT concept takes things a step further compared to the Gran Berlinetta concept. It’s hard to miss the massive rear wing, front splitter, canards, rear diffuser, and more aggressive rocker panels. All of these elements have been added in the pursuit of speed and improved handling. The bold, “two-lines” lighting design continues on with this concept, and that’s fine by us. It’s an iconic design element that sets the brand apart and makes it easy to identify. The Magma paint paired with the carbon-fiber accents makes this racer pop.

Like most other racers, the X Gran Racer VGT Concept prioritizes only the most important functions and focuses on keeping weight low. Carbon fiber and quilted padding, instead of real seats, aid in dropping some weight. Instead of a regular steering wheel, the concept swaps in a racing yoke that should help drivers focus on quicker lap times.

genesis x gran racer vgt concept
Michael Aaron - Car and Driver

Although this concept will likely never see production, one can always dream. At least we will be able to drive and appreciate it in Gran Turismo. There’s also hope that we might see inspiration from it in future Genesis models, and that’s enough for us.

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