Georgia State Patrol Runs Down Fleeing Suzuki Hayabusa

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Georgia State Patrol Runs Down Fleeing Suzuki Hayabusa
Georgia State Patrol Runs Down Fleeing Suzuki Hayabusa

The Suzuki Hayabusa is a legend among motorcycles. Unfortunately, its near-mythical status leads some owners to erroneously believe it endows them with god-like powers, enabling them to ride however they want. But this Hayabusa rider finds out he can’t outrun Georgia State Patrol and pays a high price for trying.

Kid on a motorcycle seems to think running from police is fun.

Before the pursuit, a trooper was sitting on a gore point along I-20 near I-75/85 in Atlanta when he sees the Suzuki weaving through traffic with no signal, obviously exceeding the speed limit. The trooper pulls out of his spot, flips on his lights and sirens, and the chase is on.


Perhaps seeing his pursuer, the rider immediately exits the interstate, then re-enters going the opposite direction. We’ve seen this trick so many times and the trooper probably has as well, because he’s not the least bit fooled.

The rider gets off the interstate again and tries using the twists and turns of surface streets, along with red lights to shake the trooper. It does allow the Suzuki to gap the cruiser by quite a bit, but the chase is far from over.

More units flood the area, so as the rider tries hiding in his rapid turns, he is actually having that dragnet tightened around him. This is when the saying “you can outrun a cop but you can’t outrun the radio” really does ring true.

That’s when we switch to another trooper’s dashcam to see him block an intersection because he can see the Hayabusa approaching at high speed. The rider apparently doesn’t see him in time and just slams into the cruiser’s push bar, flipping over his handlebars and onto the hood.

It’s a good thing that rider was wearing all that black body armor, or he might’ve been seriously injured. And this, boys and girls, is why we don’t run from police.

Image via State Boyzzz/Youtube