GM Is Struggling To Get C8 Corvette Orders Right

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GM Is Struggling To Get C8 Corvette Orders Right
GM Is Struggling To Get C8 Corvette Orders Right

One thing many people love about their C8 Corvette, no matter which model they get, is the level of customization available from the factory. Splitters, boomerang, wings, and other parts can sport different finishes, differentiating one ‘Vette from another. GM apparently is dropping the ball on this and it’s concerning.

Car YouTuber buys a cheap Corvette only to learn it’s stolen.

As pointed out by YouTube channel HorsePower Obsessed, as well as by C8 Corvette owners on social media and forums, some cars are being delivered with the wrong parts attached. We’re not sure exactly who that’s happening and GM is so secretive about the assembly process there’s no way it will ever reveal that information.


In a recent video, the guy who runs HorsePower Obsessed shows a C8 Z06 Corvette with Z07 package which at first glance looks beautiful. And with all the factory options added, it costs almost $200,000.

One would think for that money GM would have someone performing a meticulous white glove inspection of the sports car. But this one, which is supposed to have carbon fiber parts attached, like the dive planes, roof, and rear wing, the front splitter is gloss black or Carbon Flash. It should’ve been exposed carbon fiber weave.

We can’t imagine McLaren, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Pagani, etc. making this kind of mistake. Before, Corvettes weren’t anywhere on that level, so the scrutiny on things like this wasn’t dialed up. But now that you can get a factory ‘Vette which costs almost $200,000 owners should be receiving theirs with all the correct parts.

What’s truly concerning about this revelation is it shows there’s a quality control issue at Bowling Green Assembly. With some people claiming their C8 Corvette engine has just suddenly blown up even though they followed the break-in and regular maintenance schedule perfectly, it’s enough to make us stop and wonder.

The C8s are great sports cars and have helped the Corvette gain many more fans than ever before. But are these issues big enough to backfire in GM’s face? We don’t know but we wonder just how bad the problem is.

Image via HorsePower Obsessed/YouTube

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