Goodyear unveils game-changing tire with at least 50% sustainable materials: 'We want to meet consumer and market needs'

Electric vehicles bring undoubted benefits for motorists, from a reduction in maintenance costs to cheaper refueling.

They are also better for the environment, as they produce zero tailpipe pollution while out on the road, reducing planet-warming emissions released by typical passenger cars and being far better for local air quality — which cuts the risk of respiratory illnesses.

But one downside is the need to replace tires more often. Rubber wears down quicker on electric vehicles because of the increased weight of heavy batteries and the greater torque these cars produce. According to Kelley Blue Book, EV tires last about 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

That's why Goodyear has been working to improve its tires that are specifically designed for EVs, and the ElectricDrive2 was unveiled in January.


According to the company, the tires allow electric vehicles to maintain their quiet ride, and they also perform well in wet conditions.

Drivers of EVs might be more environmentally conscious, with these vehicles being better for the planet than internal combustion engine-powered cars. With that in mind, sustainability could be a factor that is important to these motorists.

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They'll be pleased to hear, then, that the ElectricDrive2 has been designed with at least 50% sustainable materials, including soybean oil, rice husk ash silica, and natural rubber.

"With the continued adoption of EVs, we want to meet consumer and market needs with an updated EV replacement tire," David Reese, vice president of product development for Goodyear Americas, said in a statement. "We know EV drivers prioritize performance and a more-sustainable tire."

Research from Emissions Analytics, summarized by the Guardian, detailed that nearly 2,000 times more particle pollution is produced by tires than car exhausts, so making materials more sustainable and improving durability will help to tackle that problem.

Goodyear says the purpose-built tire will be available to motorists in the United States in May. Tesla drivers, Chevy Bolt owners, and Ford Mustang Mach-E customers will be among those who can find one of the 17 varieties to fit their vehicles.

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