This Gorgeous 1959 Corvette is Selling Monday on Bring A Trailer

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A meticulously maintained 1959 Chevrolet Corvette, featuring a replacement 283ci V8 and numerous updates, is now available for collectors.

A beautifully restored 1959 Chevrolet Corvette is now on offer, capturing the essence of American automotive history. This model, powered by a replacement 283ci V8 engine paired with a three-speed manual transmission, has been meticulously maintained to showcase its original Frost Blue finish over blue vinyl interior.

Significant care has been invested in this Corvette, known among enthusiasts as a C1, with a comprehensive engine rebuild completed in 2008. More recent updates include a radiator and spark plugs replacement in June 2023, ensuring the car runs as smoothly as it looks. The vehicle also boasts a replacement white convertible soft top, added in January 2008, maintaining its pristine appearance and functionality.

The Corvette's braking system received a thorough overhaul in May 2017, with the master cylinder, front wheel bearings, and front and rear wheel cylinders all replaced. These updates underline the car’s readiness for both the road and the showroom.


Visually, the vehicle retains its classic charm with white coves, quadruple headlights, split chrome bumpers, fender vents, and dual exhaust outlets enhancing its stylish 1950s design. The 15″ steel wheels are adorned with spinner-style covers and equipped with BFGoodrich Silvertown whitewall tires, complementing its vintage look.

Inside, the cabin features two bucket seats trimmed in blue vinyl, aligned with a color-coordinated dash pad, carpets, and door panels. Modern amenities have not been overlooked; the vehicle includes a heater, a Wonderbar AM radio (replaced in September 2010), a clock, and a dash-mounted rearview mirror, blending classic aesthetics with contemporary comforts.

Instrumentation is traditionally laid out, with a sweeping 160-mph speedometer, tachometer, and additional gauges for fuel level, coolant temperature, battery charge, and oil pressure. The odometer displays 29,000 miles, with the total mileage unknown, adding a hint of mystery to its storied past.

This 1959 Chevrolet Corvette is offered for sale by a dealer with a wealth of documentation, including past titles, ownership documents, service records, and car show awards, providing a complete picture of its prestigious history. This offering is not just a purchase but an investment in a piece of American automotive heritage, ready to be cherished by a new owner. is a top-seller on Bring A Trailer with over 1,000 vehicles listed. Use their Premium Partnership to present your vehicle in the best way possible and avoid a long wait. Visit to learn more.

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