Guy Tells Police He Has A Loud Exhaust After High-Speed Chase

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Guy Tells Police He Has A Loud Exhaust After High-Speed Chase
Guy Tells Police He Has A Loud Exhaust After High-Speed Chase

If you ever lead police on a chase or do anything else stupid, any attorney worth their salt will tell you to at the minimum shut up and ask for your attorney. You have to tell the cops who you are and answer other basic info, but you don’t have to incriminate yourself. Apparently, nobody told this guy in Pennsylvania that because he reportedly really shot his mouth off to the cops and that’ll probably come back to bite him later.

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According to WHTM, 25-year-old Schnyder Levasseur led police on a high-speed chase on May 12, finding yet another way to disappoint his mother. During that chase he hit speeds of 140-plus mph before ultimately crashing and getting caught.


The report mentions Levasseur was driving an Infiniti. He allegedly told police “I got loud exhaust” and “I didn’t want a ticket” when asked why he ran. Many Infinitis can hit 140 mph, but the loud exhaust gives you a hint and honestly we’re just not surprised.

Also, Levasseur obviously has an incredible command of the English language, only rivaling his ability to control his ride.

After the crash, state police allegedly found the Infiniti had multiple fraud inspection and emission stickers. We’re willing to bet it was cat-free and that’s why the exhaust was so loud.

Going 140 mph on a public road is stupid for so many reasons. A lot can go wrong, from a pothole or debris sending your car spinning out of control to another driver making the wrong move, causing a fatal crash. Levasseur is lucky he just wrecked out alone and wasn’t hurt.

If you don’t learn anything else from this story, just remember the advice from Saul Goodman and many other quality attorneys: shut up and only tell the cops identifying info, nothing incriminating.

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