Hate Dealing With Recalls? Don’t Buy These Car Brands

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Hate Dealing With Recalls? Don’t Buy These Car Brands
Hate Dealing With Recalls? Don’t Buy These Car Brands

Car recalls suck for a variety of reasons, which is why so many vehicle owners hate dealing with them. While it might seem like everything’s getting recalled these days, the reality is there are distinct differences among certain brands. In other words, what you choose to buy will determine how often you’re dealing with recalls.

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According to a study on car recall rates done by iSeeCars, you might want to skip that Porsche, Tesla, or Lucid. Out of the top ten cars with the most safety recalls, two are Porsches, four are Teslas, and Lucid’s single model, the Air, comes in at number five.


Of course, the Porsche Taycan sits at the top of the worst with a whopping 70.7 expected 30-year lifetime recalls 21.9 times the industry median for recalls. The Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are number two and three with 66.9 and 60.7 recalls.

Then there’s the Porsche Panamera with 43.1 recalls and the Lucid air with 40.1. All of those seem like a lot of hassle.

Interestingly, iSeeCars ran the data, taking out over-the-air updates for recall fixes. It found not a single Tesla appears in the top 25 and the Lucid Air moves down to number 25. However, the Porsche Taycan still sits at number one with the Porsche Panamera at number two.

When it comes to the 25 least recalled cars, it’s a completely different picture. iSeeCars found all of them are anticipated to have less than one recall over a 30-year span. Dominating the list is Mercedes-Benz with eight models and Lexus with seven. We’re not the least bit surprised at that.

What is surprising is the MINI Convertible sitting at number one with 0.2 expected 30-year lifetime recalls.

If you want to see the entire study for yourself, check it out here.

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