Hidden Camera Disguised As Key Fob Found In Dealership Bathroom

Screenshot: Google Maps
Screenshot: Google Maps

People usually walk into dealerships ready to get ripped off, but after a hidden camera made to look like a humble key fob was found in the rest room of a dealership in Charlotte, North Carolina, last week, they now have a lot more to worry about.

The camera was found in the restroom of Charlotte-based Auto America dealership, according to WJZY. The recording device was disguised as a key fob. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police is looking into the incident and claim it’s connected to a death investigation involving a suicide.

While there are very few details about the device and how it was hidden inside the dealership, WJZY spoke with a potential victim in the case:


Queen City News had the chance to speak with a possible victim in this case, who came to be aware of the incident in the last few days.

“I’ve not reached my angry point yet,” the person said, who wished to remain anonymous. “I’ve reached my point of ‘Oh, my god, I’m probably on that video’.”

CMPD said the case is currently an active investigation, but noted they are not looking for suspects in the case.

The brashness of peeping predators seems to know no bounds, especially over the past year. A former American Airlines flight attendant was arrested last September for recording several minors with a camera hidden in the plane’s lavatory. In a suit against the airline, the carrier’s lawyers initially blamed a nine-year-old girl for using the toilet.

This hidden camera incident will not help the already lackluster perception of car dealerships. A recent survey found that 76 percent of Americans believe that dealers lie to them about pricing. If you’re going to nickel and dime someone, you should ensure they walk off the lot with a new car and their dignity intact.

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