Hit And Run Turns Into An Audi S4 Barrel Roll

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Hit And Run Turns Into An Audi S4 Barrel Roll
Hit And Run Turns Into An Audi S4 Barrel Roll

When you’ve watched enough PIT maneuvers you stop being impressed by every single one. It might be a bit of armchair quarterbacking, but you start to appreciate some PITs are just better executed than others. This one done by a Florida Highway Patrol trooper is especially beautiful, making it one of the best we’ve seen in a long time.

PIT maneuver ends with cop and suspect both flying.

This police chase started with FHP responding to a possible stolen vehicle. While investigating the stolen car, troopers saw a collision between an Audi S4 and a Volvo. The Audi driver took off, triggering a chase.


As you can see in the included dashcam and helicopter footage, the suspect in the Audi wasn’t about to just give up. He pushed the German automobile hard, snaking through traffic and changing direction to keep troopers thrown off.

What he didn’t realize is an eye in the sky was watching his every movement. All that effort at getting fancy to lose FHP did absolutely nothing. The helicopter pilot knew exactly where he was every moment, relaying that info to dispatch.

After a long chase, one trooper was finally able to catch up to the suspect vehicle – not an easy feat considering the S4 is built for speed. Locking onto the Audi, the trooper set up a beautiful PIT, not by hitting push bar to quarter panel but instead by using push bar to rear bumper.

The result was the Audi S4 spinning off the road and doing multiple barrel rolls before coming to rest in a ruined heap on its wheels. Watch the videos – it’s a thing of sheer beauty.

What’s also cool is the trooper who executed that beautiful PIT not only didn’t loose control of his cruiser, he was able to whip the Charger around 180 degrees without skipping a beat, facing the suspect vehicle in one smooth movement. Now that’s how it’s done.

Image via Scooper/YouTube

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