Honda Civic Smokes Arkansas Trooper

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Honda Civic Smokes Arkansas Trooper
Honda Civic Smokes Arkansas Trooper

We didn’t think we’d be covering a Honda Civic smoking Arkansas State Police anytime soon, but then again we’ve seen a Toyota Camry do it so we guess it was only a matter of time. While many believe a Civic isn’t capable of such things, we contend that the car is only part of the equation in any race – and that’s what a police chase is, after all.

Toyota Camry tries teaching Arkansas State Police a lesson.

Really, the driver is far more important. We’ve seen guys with Scat Packs and Hellcats absolutely fail at running from cops even though their muscle car is far superior to anything pursuing them. So when this Honda driver changes lanes on the highway to start tailgating an Arkansas trooper, well you know the guy is either dumb or looking to teach a cop a lesson.


We jump into the dashcam footage after the tailgating when the trooper pulls onto the shoulder to let the Civic pass. When it does, the trooper notes it’s bearing an unreadable paper tag – that’s the first sign this suspect knows what it takes to get away.

As the trooper tails the little car, we bet he was thinking if the guy were to run he would be super easy to catch. That’s a fair assumption, one we would probably make ourselves. But you never know what someone has going on under the hood of their ride.

Maybe everyone can speculate if this Honda is modified or not and what mods it might be running.

At first, the suspect drives normally, even for a bit after the trooper lights him up. Then the guy pushes his little four-banger to over 100 mph.

Before the trooper and get into position to PIT, the guy strafes suddenly, cutting across the gore point to take an exit ramp. The trooper follows, but the suspect shoots the gap between two lanes of traffic at a stop light and gets back on the highway.

The trooper has to wait for traffic to part for him before giving chase. By that point the suspect has a commanding lead. Pretty soon, the trooper is just chasing ghosts. You can hear him at the end when he shuts off his lights and sirens sigh loudly.

Yep, he got smoked by a Honda Civic.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

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