What Horrible Thing Have You Done To Ruin Your Car?

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I don’t own a truck, nor do I own a set of nuts (truck or otherwise) but a passing glance at a Tesla Cybertruck with “Cybernuts” made me stop and wonder what other horrors lurk on the internet. Perhaps, even, within the hearts of the very citizens of this mom-and-pop automotive outlet.

My own experience with modifying cars is fairly limited because frankly, if I’d screwed up something as expensive and precious as a car, there would be no sympathy from any corner for me. However, I did once try to remove some crummy home-applied window tint from my first car, a 1995 Dodge Avenger. This very stupid process ended with tons of flecks of gray blobs on my windows, despite the majority of it bubbling off with ease. It took a razor and a lot of effort to go from something that looked bad to something that looked even worse. Time (not) well spent!

So what about you? Our readers have definitely gone down a few wild cul-du-sacs on their car journeys. Car projects can have disastrous consequences, and it’s up to you to share your stories of stupidity, fearlessness or over confidence in order to save others from your mistake.

Don’t worry. This is a safe space. Tell us all your car sins and I promise, no one will mock you in the comments.

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