Hot Audi RS Q6 E-tron due in 2025 with more than 600bhp

aud rs q6 etron render 2024
aud rs q6 etron render 2024

RS Q6 E-tron will get a performance-focused makeover to go with its generous reserves

Audi’s next electric performance model, the RS Q6 E-tron, will be revealed next year.

An insider at the firm told Autocar that the hottest version of the new Q6 E-tron will be significantly different – and much bolder – than the warmed-up SQ6.

The Q6 E-tron line-up has been developed alongside the Porsche Macan Electric, which uses the same Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture as well as key chassis, battery and electronic components.

The SQ6 has a 483bhp dual-motor powertrain with four-wheel drive whereas the RS Q6 is expected to use the Macan Turbo’s powertrain, upping power to 621bhp for a 0-62mph time of just 3.3sec.


Audi has been keen to put some distance between its own and Porsche's models and bosses have said the Macan will have significant differences from the RS Q6, which will be geared more towards comfort.

The RS Q6 E-tron will have bespoke bold styling cues in the vein of today's hot RS6 and E-tron GT RS models, including large haunches and huge wheels, as well as a model-specific RS interior.

Prices and specifications have yet to be announced, but the SQ6 E-tron starts from £93,675 so we expect the entry price of the RS Q6 E-tron to nudge into six figures.

Audi has also revealed preview images of a Sportback version of its Q6 E-tron. Exact specifications remain under wraps, but it will most likely be mechanically identical to the regular Q6 E-tron, which means a choice of four- or rear-wheel drive and a 100kWh battery.

Darkened images of the model were shared at the Q6 E-tron’s launch and show a more svelte, teardrop-like design. The front will be similar to the regular Q6 E-tron, but the sloping roof will cascade down behind the B-pillar.

The interior is likely to be untouched too, so it will still feature Audi’s standard 12.6in driver cluster and 10.9in infotainment screen – plus the optional 10.9in passenger touchscreen that allows the front passenger to stream videos, make changes to the nav and control the car’s audio system.