Kevin Hart Spotted In His Ferrari 812 Competizione

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Kevin Hart Spotted In His Ferrari 812 Competizione
Kevin Hart Spotted In His Ferrari 812 Competizione

For some time, comedian Kevin Hart has been collecting some of the finest cars around. The man has amassed a collection full of muscle cars, luxury rides, and quite a few exotics. Either he or someone close to him has an eye for exceptional vehicles. And he’s done it again, this time with people spotting him driving a black Ferrari 812 Competizione in Hollywood.

Kevin Hart is one of many celebrities who love Mopars.

It was a bunch of people on a bus tour who spotted the star in his car, which we imagine was quite a treat. After all, a lot of people go on those Hollywood star bus tours and only see celebrities’ houses from the street and that’s about it.


Footage posted to Instagram by Hollywood Bus Tours shows Hart sitting behind the wheel of the Ferrari at a stop sign, his window rolled down. As the people on the bus pay him compliments, he seems to be all smiles and thumbs up, taking it in stride.

Some celebrities might act annoyed at running into fans while they’re out and about, but it appears for Kevin Hart such a thing is just part of life.

Not only does Hart own a highly desirable Ferrari 812 Competizione and didn’t opt for red paint, the man put carbon-fiber HRE wheels on V12-powered exotic. While purists might take issue with both choices, we think Hart’s ride looks fantastic with both. Plus, it’s his car and he should do with it as he likes.

With a price tag likely in the neighborhood of a million dollars and being one of dozens of cars owned by Hart, this also shows the financial power he has. And yet the man will still be cordial with people as he sits at a stop sign, waiting to turn into traffic. Amazing.

Images via hollywoodbustours/Instagram