Kia EV3 Is Adorable and Confirmed to Be Coming to the U.S.

  • The Kia EV3 shares a boxy design language with the larger EV9.

  • Along with the standard trim, there will be a GT-Line model with different wheels, glossy trims, and a unique bumper design.

  • The EV3 will offer an 81.4-kWh battery and 350 miles of range.

While dialed down from its concept reveal—particularly in the interior—the Kia EV3 will bring its stylish, boxy exterior to dealerships as a production model in the U.S. in the near future. We had a chance to look at some European production models during Milan Design Week 2024 and can report some, if not all, of what we can expect when they come to the States.

From the outside, the EV3 electric SUV maintains the cute cubic profile of the concept, with a squared-off hood and hatchback rear glass. It's a true compact, 14 feet long and about five feet tall. Although the small SUV sits fairly low, it gives a visual impression of height and a narrow waist due to darker cladding around the wheel wells and sideline. All versions of the EV3 ride on 19-inch wheels in a two-tone finish.

2026 kia ev3

The EV3 should be offered in nine different colors for the body, four earthy hues of which are new to Kia: Aventurine Green, Shale Grey, Frost Blue, and Terracotta. Vertical headlights give it the look of an amused robot. Kia is working off a very different design playlist than many of the more aggressive EVs we've seen on the market recently. The EV3 is downright adorable, not a mean bone in its body.


Kia hasn't announced the full range of trim availability, only that there will be a standard series and then a slightly sportier-looking GT-Line. The GT-Line gets a different body cladding, a unique front bumper, and GT-Line-only wheels, still 19 inches.

2026 kia ev3 gt line interior

Interior details may change from the models we saw, but the overall layout should remain the same: simple and spacious, with a thoughtful use of console and controls. With seating for five, the EV3 prioritizes interior space and accessibility. There are two 12.3-inch touchscreens across the dash connected by a 5.0-inch panel housing a readout of the climate controls, so that all information is at a single level for the driver. Most functions can be controlled not only by touchscreen, but also by buttons on the steering wheel, and some duplicate control panels below the center screen. Kia is also introducing a natural language voice control, which can control functions of the car or perform web or map searches based on spoken commands.

The console lid can pull out as a table for works or snacks while charging or waiting for a passenger, then slid back to make room for a handbag or tote. Interior color choices include greys and blues. GT-Line can option a black trimmed interior. While the concept showed some radical uses of sustainable materials, mushroom leather isn't quite ready for large-scale production. However there are still recycled fabrics used in EV3 in the dashboard and door trims.

2026 kia ev3

Kia stayed mum on most of the drivetrain details, but it does say that the long range EV3 will make use of a 81.4-kWh-capacity battery with around 350 miles of range and the ability to charge from 10-80 percent in half an hour. For the first time in a Kia vehicle, regenerative braking settings can be controlled from the steering wheel. The standard models will be front-wheel drive, and while Kia won't confirm multiple motors in the works, representatives did reference all-wheel drive during the walkaround of the GT-Line. Kia says that the single-motor will send the EV3 from 0-100km in 7.5 seconds

There has been a dearth of small, affordable electric vehicles in the U.S. market, and Kia acknowledged that pricing, space, and range might be elements keeping customers from moving to electric. The EV3 tackles space and range so we're hoping to see it come in at an affordable price point. Kia says the goalposts are $30,000 to $50,000. We're hoping to see it hit the $30,000 mark and help move the EV trend away from big luxury vehicles towards smaller, more efficient transport.

Kia has not announced an on-sale date for the U.S., but we expect to see the EV3 in 2026.

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