Kid On A Motorcycle Seems To Think Running From Cops Is Fun

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Kid On A Motorcycle Seems To Think Running From Cops Is Fun
Kid On A Motorcycle Seems To Think Running From Cops Is Fun

Kids sometimes do dumb things without thinking, and that includes young adults in their early twenties. That’s the only real explanation we have for why this guy who’s 22-years old decided to run from a Florida trooper once he was caught blasting down the highway on his sport bike.

Lack of eye protection triggers Harley-Davidson police chase.

What’s more, the trooper claims in his report that the license plate on the motorcycle was “tucked all the way in under the fender and slanted downward” so it wasn’t readable. That’s usually a sign that someone won’t pull over for a cop.


It’s apparent the kid thought the power and small size of his motorcycle would give him a clear advantage. He at first becomes a distant little dot down the road, but the trooper through expert high-speed pursuit training closes the gap quickly.

From there, the rider tries squeezing between much larger vehicles while going breakneck speeds. When that’s not possible, he takes to the left or right shoulder all in a bid to ditch the pursuing trooper.

We don’t think he understands just how dangerous these maneuvers are and what could happen if he screws up or a driver does something he doesn’t anticipate. No speeding ticket is worth your ability to walk, an arm, or your life.

Despite all that, the guy can’t seem to shake the trooper. That’s when he decides to have some fun, squeeze the brakes, and drop behind the trooper. The whole chase seems to just be a game to the suspect.

Perhaps tiring of the highway, the kid takes an exit and doesn’t make the sweeping turn, riding across a grass median and dumping his bike. We don’t know if he thought he could ride through that area or if he simply was going too fast to stick the turn, but either way that’s the end of his eluding the trooper.

Once in the cruiser, the kid calls his daddy on the phone. He probably got a spanking that night.

Also interesting in this video is how many drivers doggedly stay in the left lane, even when the other lanes are open. We’ve seen this in many police chases, but the problem seems to be especially bad in Florida. Why that is remains a mystery to us, but we can see why police, firefighters, and ambulance drivers get so frustrated.

Image via Pursuit 101/YouTube