Lamborghini Has Released Its Most Iconic V-12s on Vinyl

lamborghini vinyl
Lamborghini Has Put its Most Iconic V-12s on VinylLamborghini
  • Lamborghini has created a special-edition turntable in collaboration with Technics.

  • The turntable is branded with a Lamborghini logo and the automaker’s signature Y-shaped motif.

  • It also comes with a vinyl record with recordings of Lamborghini V-12 engines, from the Miura to the Revuelto.

When Lamborghini announced that the replacement for the long-running Aventador, the new plug-in-hybrid Revuelto, will retain a V-12 engine, enthusiasts around the world rejoiced. The V-12 engine emits a special sort of wail, one that causes ears to perk up, goosebumps to break out, and heads to turn. Now Lamborghini is giving its fans another way to listen to the 12-cylinder soundtrack, partnering with Technics to create a special-edition turntable that is paired with a vinyl recording of various V-12 Lambos.

lamborghini turntable

Called the SL-1200M7B, the turntable is a special edition of the Technics SL-1200MK7 model. The turntable gets decked out in a repeating Y-shaped pattern, borrowing the motif that has appeared across Lamborghini road cars over the past decade. The graphic comes in orange, green, or yellow, three hues commonly associated with modern Lambos. A large Lamborghini logo is emblazoned on the slipmat.


The SL-1200M7B also comes with an exclusive vinyl record that plays the engine and driving sounds of six different Lamborghinis, all fitted with V-12 engines. The record includes classics like the '60s 400GT 2+2, Miura SV, and 25th Anniversary Countach. The Diablo 6.0 SE, Murciélago LP 640, and Revuelto also make appearances. The vinyl itself is stylized to look like the wheel and tire from the Revuelto.

Pre-orders open today, with limited availability through the end of June. There is no price listed just yet, but the turntable on which this special edition is based costs around $1100.

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