Lamborghini Thief Wrecks Out Running From Cops

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Lamborghini Thief Wrecks Out Running From Cops
Lamborghini Thief Wrecks Out Running From Cops

Police always face a unique challenge when criminals are in a truly high-performance vehicle like this Lamborghini Huracan. After all, their Ford Explorers, Chevy Tahoes, and even Dodge Chargers don’t stand a chance if the suspect flees. But that’s assuming the person knows how to drive their vehicle at WOT.

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It might sound silly, but most lack the experience and skills to really open up something so powerful in an urban setting. Obstacles abound, the road might have seams, potholes, or other imperfections which under hard acceleration can cause the driver to lose control, plus there are other vehicles, people, and animals which might suddenly be in the way.


We don’t think the guy who was caught in this reportedly stolen Lamborghini Huracan was thinking about any of that or the other ways dropping the hammer in that vehicle in that specific area of Los Angeles could go wrong. For that miscalculation he paid with his life.

When police initially stop the Lambo, the driver seems fairly calm and compliant. He hands over all the paperwork requested and answers questions.

But when an officer asks him to step out of the vehicle, things start escalating. The guy won’t comply and keeps asking what’s going on. Finally, the officer drops the bomb and lets the suspect know he knows the Lambo has been reported stolen.

That’s when the suspect decides to make a run for it using the massive performance capabilities of the Huracan. Such a vehicle isn’t for amateurs. Even experienced drivers would need to feel it out first before being able to confidently hot dog around in it on a closed track.

Sure enough, as police pursue but can’t even begin to keep up with the V10’s raw acceleration, the suspect loses control, taking out multiple trees in the median. As officers pull up, they see the carnage as the safety cell is pretty much all that’s left of the Lamborghini.

We’re guessing the driver didn’t strap in, because he was thrown a few hundred feet from the safety cell and didn’t survive. Running from police is dangerous and has consequences.

Image via Daily Mail/YouTube

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