Lamborghini Urus Destroyed In Crash Involving A Mustang

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Lamborghini Urus Destroyed In Crash Involving A Mustang
Lamborghini Urus Destroyed In Crash Involving A Mustang

With Memorial Day, the official start of road trip season has kicked off. And with the holiday has come many bad car crashes, marking the beginning of what some safety advocates warn is one of the more dangerous times on public roads. To commemorate the infamous reputation of the day, A bad car crash between a Ford Mustang and a Lamborghini Urus happened on I-95 in Broward County, Florida.

Two guys break into a car dealership and steal nothing.

Footage of the aftermath, shared by NBC Miami, shows the exotic crossover obviously totaled after it ran into a guardrail and perhaps more. In other words, a parts car is coming to Copart or one of its competitors in the near future.

Image via NBC Miami
Image via NBC Miami

We can’t even begin to imagine what the insurance claim for the Lambo will look like. Those Uruses aren’t exactly cheap.


As for the Mustang, it looks almost untouched from the camera angle, until you notice the driver’s side fender is a little… flared. We can’t see it, but we’d be willing to bet there’s damage up and down the driver’s side of the pony car.

Since NBC Miami didn’t have any details about the crash, we can only surmise there was some sort of contact between the Lamobrghini and Mustang. What we don’t know is if they vehicles were speeding, if road rage was a factor, or if any other cars were involved.

Even without that information, this is an excellent reminder that as you’re enjoying the warm summer months you need to drive courteously and defensively. Some people are quick to anger towards other drivers, others have been out drinking and decided to get behind the wheel, and there are people who have been driving long distances and are just plain tired.

Staying alert and aware of your surroundings, being ready for anything will help you avoid getting into an accident like this.

Images via NBC Miami

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