This Lamborghini Urus Overlander Is The Fastest House On Wheels

Is this the fastest house on wheels? - Screenshot: Camperghini via YouTube
Is this the fastest house on wheels? - Screenshot: Camperghini via YouTube

If you were going to drive all the way around the world, what car would you opt for? Maybe something with bulletproof reliability, like a Toyota Tacoma, or a car you can fix with a hammer, like an old Land Rover Defender? One budding adventurer has decided the best choice is a Lamborghini Urus that they’ve turned into an overlanding camper.

Over on the Camperghini Instagram account, a Lamborghini Urus that was bought second hand last year is being driven around the world in its new guise as an overlander.

The build of the overlanding rig has been documented by Instagrammer Connor, who reportedly sold his house last year before plowing all his funds into the six-figure luxury SUV. Since picking the Urus up in Las Vegas last May, the car has undergone several major changes to make it ready for a trip around the world.

First, a storage space has been built in the rear of the car, with a slide out section popping out of the back of the trunk with a built-in fridge and freezer, a working sink and worktop space. There are plans for a grill to be fitted to the rear of the truck as well, which should make cooking on the go a bit simpler.


There’s also been a roof rack fitted to the top of the Urus, which contains space to store spare tires, tire ladders for when the going gets tough and a couple of dry-store bins to keep extra kit up there.

When it comes to sleeping space, half of the Urus’ rear seats have been folded back to create a single bed for sleeping in. The other side of the passenger area now contains all kinds of cupboards and storage boxes for essentials on the road. It looks reasonably comfy, but the camping mat fitted for sleeping looks fairly out of place when surrounded by the pristine leather of the Lamborghini’s interior.

Additional updates made to the truck include a few auxiliary lights at the front and rear to aid visibility and there are plans to add skid plates to protect the underside of the car. The Urus overlander will also soon get new custom front and rear bumpers, as well as more new lighting touches, according to a recent Camperghini update.

So far on its journey around the world, the Camperghini has reached Europe and the latest video update was posted in the UK. The car will soon be touring Europe, before crossing into Africa and through Asia.

But what do you think of the build? If you were traveling the world in a car is this the kind of thing you’d opt for? And if not, what would you pick instead?

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