Land Rover Discoveries Get Stuck Using Street Tires

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Land Rover Discoveries Get Stuck Using Street Tires
Land Rover Discoveries Get Stuck Using Street Tires

A lot of people get really excited when they buy their first off-road rig, often getting in over their head quickly. That appears to be the case with these Land Rover Discoveries which are running street tires. One of the guys apparently just bought his and took it mudding, getting bogged down. The other guy, who also was running street tires, tried to rescue his buddy and also got stuck.

Mini jeeps sure look like fun.

That’s when the professionals were called for a proper rescue. You’ll notice the Jeep Gladiator that pulls these two Discos out isn’t running street tires or an entirely stock setup. Let this be a lesson to newbies who think all tires are created equal.


There was an extra wrinkle in this off-road recovery. The Discovery owners thought they were driving on a county easement but it turns out they were actually on private property. As one might expect, the owner was none too happy to find the Land Rovers stuck in his mud since they didn’t have permission to be there.

This brings up an excellent point: do your research before wheeling. You might want to consider getting an off-road trails app, talking to people in the off-road community for your area, reading signs that say things like “private property: no trespassing” and so forth. The point is you don’t just start driving through an area just because it looks like fun. Off-roading is fun, but you need to do it responsibly, sticking to established trails on land where you’re welcome to be.

The YouTube channel, called “Florida” Off Road Recovery, hints at the owners of these Discos getting in big trouble, supposedly almost getting arrested for this stunt. We don’t know if it was really that serious but the fact a cop was there when these rigs were pulled out wouldn’t sit well with us.

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