Lando Norris’ Lamborghini Miura Breaks Down In Monte Carlo

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Lando Norris’ Lamborghini Miura Breaks Down In Monte Carlo
Lando Norris’ Lamborghini Miura Breaks Down In Monte Carlo

Formula One driver Lando Norris has been both trolled and praised in his short-lived racing career. But the 24-year-old British citizen suffered what some might call one of his biggest embarrassments yet after his customized Lamborghini Miura stalled out in Monte Carlo.

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After all, the classic supercar is worth well over $1 million and so people expect something so pricey to work right. Others might assign the trouble to the driver, which is quite possible. But one has to keep in mind Norris knows a thing or two about operating a vehicle, even if his F1 racecar is a horse of a different color.


The incident, which happened recently, saw several people come to Norris’ aid, pushing the classic Lamborghini down the road after it wouldn’t start, allowing the man to bump start the engine. He told reporters later at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix that those Good Samaritans recognized him and that’s why they helped, reports

We’d like to believe a lot of people would help anyone in that situation, if for no other reason than the fact they’ve been there themselves in the past or could be in that position in the future. But some are just good individuals willing to lend a helping hand to anyone.

Norris seems to think had he not finally won an F1 race those men wouldn’t have recognized him and not helped him in his time of need. But at the same press conference he said he tries to not let all the criticism hurled at him by the public bother him.

Either way, we know that even the priciest of classic cars can stall out of suffer other mechanical problems. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and is something any gearhead should be willing to jump in and help rectify, even if all that’s needed is a little push.

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