Lexus RC-F Messes With Georgia State Patrol

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Lexus RC-F Messes With Georgia State Patrol
Lexus RC-F Messes With Georgia State Patrol

We don’t think we’ve ever seen a police chase involving a suspect in a Lexus RC-F or even a regular RC ever before. Just a police chase involving any Lexus seems to be a bit of a rarity, so this one where a guy in an RC-F thinks he can outrun Georgia State Patrol is a bit of a treat.

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Our trooper was just chilling out on an on-ramp to I-20 at the outskirts of Atlanta city proper in Fulton County when he spotted the little Lexus coupe speeding by. Hitting it with his LIDAR, the trooper claims he clocked the car going 105 mph where the posted limit is 60 mph.


You see in the dashcam footage the trooper boogies it down the on-ramp and onto the interstate in a hurry. He has to navigate some traffic to catch up to the speeding Lexus, but is able to do so safely and in short order.

The Lexus in the meantime gets on another ramp to transition to I-75 and slows down behind another vehicle when the trooper catches up. Probably realizing he’s the target, the guy quickly pulls over to the right shoulder and that’s the chase.

Not really, because once the trooper pulls over the Lexus takes off. Doesn’t this guy know you’re supposed to wait for the cop to get out of the car before doing that?

But the Lexus has plenty of get-up-and-go to pull well away from the GSP Charger and make the trooper really work to catch up again. Rather than staying on the interstate longer and putting more distance between him and the trooper, this guy gets off at the next exit.

As the trooper gets off, he sees the Lexus double back on the road that intersects with the off-ramp. Considering the rarity of Lexus RC-Fs, there’s no mistaking it as the same car. In other words, this suspect is an idiot.

For whatever reason the suspect gives what seems like a halfhearted effort into fleeing again. That allows the trooper to catch up quickly and PIT the Lexus out with ease.

So there you go, a rare police chase involving a Lexus RC-F. It was a bit of a downer thanks to an incompetent suspect, but still interesting to see.

Image via State Boyzzz/YouTube

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