Man Discovers His Cybertruck Is Too Big

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Man Discovers His Cybertruck Is Too Big
Man Discovers His Cybertruck Is Too Big

Plenty of people are yucking it up after a guy posted on X that his new Tesla Cybertruck doesn’t fit well in his assigned parking spot in his apartment’s garage. The man is in a bit of a jam after he said Tesla wouldn’t allow him to return the vehicle and thanks to that pesky sales contract he can’t sell it anytime in the next year.

Cybertruck sends owner to the hospital for a bizarre reason.

We’ve seen other people complaining about the size of the Cybertruck as if it were a huge vehicle. These people obviously are used to driving smaller cars or maybe crossovers, which honestly doesn’t surprise considering who seems to be most attracted to the Tesla.


But the reality is a Cybertruck is shorter and narrower than a Chevy Silverado 1500 and plenty of other full-size trucks on the market. In other words, it’s really not that big. But if you’re used to parking a Fiat 500 or Volvo XC40 in your apartment’s parking garage, it likely feels massive.

The guy who posted his dilemma on X spoke with Business Insider and explained when he ordered the Cybertruck long ago after it was first revealed he was living under far different circumstances. More recently, he separated from his wife and moved into an apartment, hence the tight parking situation.

One would think if that were the case you would just cancel the order. But maybe the guy was looking forward to driving the zany thing around? The fun of it seems to have worn off as practical cares come crashing in.

But the guy said he didn’t even think about the Cybertruck not fitting well in his parking spot. Now, he’s making a four-point turn just to get it into the spot every time. Most people don’t want to put up with that kind of hassle, although for others something similar is just a way of life.

With Tesla refusing to take the vehicle back or let the man sell it, for now it seems he’s stuck squeezing a somewhat large truck into a tiny parking spot. We expect there will be more situations like this once the Cybertruck is sold to people in larger numbers.

Image via Blaine Raddon/Business Insider