Man Reunited With His Stolen 1967 Mustang

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After several decades, David Tucker's 1967 Mustang, stolen and given a new identity, has been recovered nearly 9 hours away and returned to him.

In a story of loss and long-awaited reunion, David Tucker has finally been reunited with his 1967 Mustang, nearly two decades after it was stolen. The classic car was discovered almost 9 hours away from its original location, marking an end to years of uncertainty and hope for Tucker.

The saga began in 2002 when Tucker decided to sell his cherished Mustang. After leaving it briefly at a friend's house, the car vanished without a trace and without payment. Tucker promptly reported the missing vehicle to the Guilford County office, noting its vehicle identification number (VIN). For years, he returned annually, hoping for any news of its whereabouts, but none came until the end of 2023 when a call from Florida changed everything.

The car was found in less-than-perfect condition, with its gauge cluster disassembled on the passenger seat, missing its horn, and sporting a new coat of white paint. More disturbingly, the Mustang's dashboard plaque had been swapped with another VIN, which initially indicated that the car had been scrapped years ago. Further investigation by local police in Florida revealed the original VIN, leading them to contact the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department, who then notified Tucker.


Despite the joy of the reunion, the car's condition and the circumstances of its recovery highlight a prevalent issue within the classic car community: VIN swapping. This practice, while sometimes seen as a workaround for titling classic cars that have lost their original documents, can also facilitate the illegal sale of stolen vehicles. Tucker's case sheds light on the darker side of classic car restoration and ownership, serving as a cautionary tale about the importance of safeguarding vehicle titles and VINs.

As Tucker celebrates the return of his long-lost Mustang, his story is a poignant reminder of the enduring connection between classic cars and their owners, and the incredible journeys—both literal and metaphorical—that these vehicles can endure.

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