McLaren Senna in Viral Los Angeles Wreck Turns Up at Insurance Auction

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Senna in Viral L.A. Wreck Lands at AuctionInsurance Auto Auctions

The one-of-one "Kiwi Edition" McLaren Senna, a car meant for flat-out cornering on the fastest race tracks on the planet, was spotted at an insurance auction hanging out next to wrecked Hyundais and Accords. Why? Because its driver decided to showboat in the middle of Ventura Boulevard and put the nose into a car dealership.

The car popped up on Monday afternoon at what Reddit users quickly ID'd as the North Hollywood lot for Insurance Auto Auctions. That's 15 long miles from where the car crashed on April 28 at around 7:50 p.m., into the side of Lexus of Woodland Hills.

Any doubts of the car's location were quickly dispelled when one user turned up its online auction page. "Not ready for sale," the listing notes rather starkly.


The YouTuber reportedly behind the wheel, Edmond Barseghian, who goes by Mondi, posted about picking the car up only a few days before the wreck.

Photos dated May 6 show extensive damage to the Senna, with impacts on both the front and side of the car. It's unclear, however, how much work it would take to make the vehicle roadworthy. The condition of its carbon-fiber tub is hard to determine, particularly when we're talking about a car that itself is so valuable.

Of course, all kinds of things can go wrong when handling a high-performance car. This is to be expected, particularly for a high-horsepower, carbon-fiber supercar like this McLaren. That's why you're supposed to do this kind of stuff on track, not in traffic.

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