Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed Concept Is for George Russell Cosplayers


Mercedes-AMG has taken the SL and removed the roof (and windshield, and all windows) permanently to make this: the Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed. The first concept car in what Mercedes is calling the Mythos series of vehicles, the PureSpeed made its debut on a floating pontoon at the Monaco Grand Prix with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell in attendance, just in case you had any doubts as to what sort of customer this thing is aimed at.

It's an open-air two-seater a lot like those speedster-style specials Ferrari and Aston Martin were so fond of a few years ago. There's no roof, there's no windshield, there are no side windows, and the thing protecting occupants from getting crushed in the event of a rollover is indeed a Formula 1-style Halo. It's essentially the official car for people who like to cosplay as George Russell but are still waiting for (or can't afford) the AMG One hypercar. It even comes with two aero-optimized helmets.

Carbon fiber cladding on the wheels is more closed off in the rear for better aero but is more open up front for cooling purposes, while that "shark nose" grille (or, more accurately, lack of grille) makes it look a little silly but in an aerodynamically purposeful way. Also a little silly is the fact that this car is apparently No. 10 while neither of the current AMG F1 drivers actually rock that number. For reference, the current No. 10 car is driven by Alpine's Pierre Gasly.


Inside, there's a custom clock on the dash designed by IWC, because of course it does.


Mercedes hasn't released performance, powertrain, or pricing details, but don't expect any of those numbers to be small. What is small, however, is the number of cars AMG intends to build. The PureSpeed is limited to just 250 units.

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