Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes C-Class review
Mercedes C-Class review

The W206-generation Mercedes C-Class is a transitional car for one of the world’s founding car makers, and yet it remains singularly important. It is the the first C-Class not to offer multi-cylinder combustion engines, for example, but also one of the last new Mercedes models of any series not to be engineered for all-electric power.

Needless to say, that doesn’t mean it won’t be ‘electrified’. In fact, Mercedes is aiming to attract particular attention, and win some key European fleet business, with plug-in hybrid models. Rest assured, there are still traditional non-hybridised petrol and diesel models to choose from, as well as hot AMG versions.

The C-Class, not being an SUV, might feel a bit old-school to some people. But there are plenty of other mid-sized executive saloons vying for your money. Some consider the BMW 3 Series as the de facto car in this segment, the Audi A4 has been on sale for an age but still feels wonderfully well made and the Jaguar XE offers something a bit more British feeling for those not after a car that's quite so Germanic.