Mercedes V-Class

mercedes benz v vlass review 2024 01 tracking front
mercedes benz v vlass review 2024 01 tracking front

One can make a case that it’s vans such as the Mercedes V-Class – and not the SUVs we’re plied with – that today come closest to mastering the art of the lifestyle vehicle.

It’s why you find so many MPV owners, never to return to the SUV fold, eulogising the utility and surprising opulence of their boxy (and sometimes quite expensive) wheels.

Playing into this is the fact that the ‘van with windows’ market has recently become more desirable and competitive than ever. Volkswagen has its understatedly charming Multivan; Ford’s Tourneo Custom has a panoramic roof; and the new Lexus LM, with its Mark Levinson sound system, is pitched as something to go up against the BMW 7 Series.


As an established player in this area (one in which its compatriots Audi and BMW still have never so much as dabbled), Mercedes-Benz needs to keep up, and so it has updated the V-Class for 2024, with a sharper exterior design and an overhaul of the infotainment system.