Mini Cooper SE review

mini cooper se review 2024 01 front cornering
mini cooper se review 2024 01 front cornering

The latest ‘new Mini’ represents an interesting change of tack for its maker - and in more ways than one.

Firstly, there’s the nomenclative departure. This fourth-generation modern Mini hatchback is now the Mini Cooper in a formal make-and-model sense (there will be no more Mini Ones or Mini Electrics, etc). Secondly comes the technical shift; although the combustion-engined version of this car survives to mirror it as part of a broader Mini Cooper model range, ‘the all-new Mini’ is, in point of fact, electric-only (the new ICE version being ostensibly an overhauled third-generation car with a new interior).

And thirdly? Well, as we’ll come to shortly, that’s all about the fine detail of the all-electric version’s execution. This is a slightly different kind of electric Mini, I’d say: in its appearance, its positioning and its makeup. More mature- and sophisticated-feeling, and a little more versatile and usable with it; but also just a little less of a singular, fun-loving kind of car. Less of a sporting statement car, more of a real-world premium prospect. The same, but different.