The Most Powerful Lexus Ever Is A $5 Million 2,000 HP Yacht With Twin Volvo Diesel Engines

Photo: Lexus
Photo: Lexus

It seems Lexus has decided to leave us landlubbers behind and take to the seas. The automaker just unveiled its new flagship: a 2,000 horsepower, 68-foot long yacht with a 1,849-gallon fuel tank, accommodations for 15 people and six beds.

The Lexus LY 680 (of course LY stands for Luxury Yacht) is the next generation of Lexus’ foray into big ol’ boats that started with the LY 650 back in 2018, according to a release from Toyota. If you’re the kind of person who has the means for a Lexus LY 680, be prepared to fork over about $5.1 million. There’s also the small caveat thatyou’ve got to be in Japan to order one through Toyota Marine, Automotive News reports. I know, I know. That’s tough to hear.

Outside the LY 680 is wrapped in a very cool copper and silver paint scheme. It actually looks very similar to the rose gold color you can get on the Lexus LC500. It’s quite sleek-looking, as far as yachts go. Inside is where the real good stuff is. You’ll find all sorts of lounge sofas, high-gloss paneling and other appointments designed by Lexus with the help of Italian styling company Nuvolari Lendard, according to AutoNews.

The second deck of the LY 680 (called the flybridge by nautically-inclined folks) has apparently been extended by about 4.5 feet, and it features a lounge sofa and a grill. Lexus also extended the swimming platform by about 2.3 feet. If I had to guess, that’s probably where a good chunk of the three feet it grew over the LY 650 came from.


It should be noted, the boat itself won’t actually be built by Lexus. The Japanese automaker is outsourcing that job to a Taiwanese company called Horizon Group. Lexus says that the manufacturer has a “reputation for its advanced technological capabilities which have been honed through the construction of superyachts.

Photo: Lexus
Photo: Lexus

Powering the LY 680 is a pair of 12.8-liter straight-six diesel engines supplied by Volvo, according to Lexus. In their base configuration, the engines make a combined 1,600 horsepower. However, if that’s not enough for you, feel free to up the power to 1,000 horsepower each. That’s right baby. This is a 2,000-horsepower boat.

Here’s a little more from Lexus on what the LY 680 is all about:

Lexus aims to be a luxury lifestyle brand and the flagship Luxury Yacht is the embodiment of the Lexus design philosophy “Crafted.” The LY 680 expresses this philosophy by thoroughly paying attention to every single detail, in order to exceed customers’ expectations and create a unique experience that stimulates their senses, even while at sea.

The concept for the Luxury Yacht is “to feel like a hideout in the middle of the sea, providing a space where discerning customers can feel free and at ease.” The exterior embodies the Lexus design philosophy of L-finesse, and the interior has been meticulously crafted down to the smallest details to provide a comfortable living space. In terms of performance, Lexus aims for confidence inspiring cruising performance, offering stable maneuverability, excellent ride comfort, and quietness.

Toyota first entered the boat business back in 1997, and it has sold nearly 1,100 boats since then, but only some have made it to the U.S. market, according to Automotive News.

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