Motorcyclist Shoots Camaro Driver On California Freeway

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Motorcyclist Shoots Camaro Driver On California Freeway
Motorcyclist Shoots Camaro Driver On California Freeway

A 19-year-old Chevy Camaro driver is dead after a motorcyclist shot him during an exchange on the 10 Freeway in Covina, California. The dead incident illustrates just how dangerous roadways can be even when you’re minding your own business.

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This shooting, which happened in the early morning hours of May 11, seems to not have been a case of road rage. That was our first assumption after getting only a few details, but it appears the motive is mysterious and perhaps quite complicated.

According to ABC7,  the Camaro driver, Alexander Espino, and his cousin were driving from the Los Angeles area to their home in the Inland Empire when the motorcyclist pulled up alongside them and just opened fire, striking Espino but not his cousin.


Espino was able to pull onto the shoulder and call 911 for help. By the time first responders arrived, he was dead.

The suspect in this shooting which almost sounds random was reportedly wearing all black, including his helmet, and was riding a “Harley-Davidson-style motorcycle” says California Highway Patrol. We assume that means a cruiser, so it might have been a different brand.

As for motive, the report does mention the shooting might have been the case of mistaken identity. It sure sounds like a hit to us, not a road rage incident or anything possible. Someone might have hired the guy to kill a person with a Camaro that looked the same, but that’s pure speculation.

We also know of road rage cases where a driver doesn’t even know they’ve angered someone else. No words are exchanged, but the other driver (or in this case rider) turns to extreme violence without warning.

For now it seems Espino’s murder is a mystery, one we hope is solved soon.

And this is a reminder that we all need to stay aware and calm while out on public roads.

Image via ABC7/YouTube