Here’s How Much the Tiny Callum Skye EV Will Cost

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Tiny Callum Skye EV Will Cost More Than a TaycanCALLUM
  • Orders for the Callum Skye EV, conceived by former Ford and Aston Martin designed Ian Callum, will be taken this week after its debut at Savile Row Concours in the UK, with the small EV set to start at $101,700.

  • The Skye, to be revealed in prototype form, will be powered by a 42-kwh battery, giving it a range of about 170 miles on a full charge.

  • Off- and on-road versions of the EV will be offered to buyers, with more details slated to be revealed later this year.

Last fall, the brand launched by ex-Aston designer Ian Callum revealed the first images of its category-defying Skye electric vehicle, aiming for a niche in the market that hasn't really been addressed to date.


The pocket-sized EV, measuring just 159.3 inches in length, will feature a 42-kwh battery, promising a range of 170 miles on road—if one chose to drive it on road at all. That's because Callum plans to offer on- and off-road versions of the model, with the latter promising 0-to-60 mph sprints in under four seconds.

The all-wheel-drive model, weighing just 2,535 pounds, will still be a 2+2, offering four-seat practicality along with exposed wheel arches that should also make it more city friendly, able to climb the curb with ease if needed.

Shown in the latest rendering with a silver and blue color scheme, it also looks a bit like a '90s concept car.

But Callum didn't reveal the Skye in its entirety back in November, including the interior. That's set to happen later this week at the Savile Row Concours in London, where the Skye will be shown in prototype form.

Needless to say, planned as a handmade, limited-production electric model, it won't be a competitor for affordable but similarly sized EVs, some of which are on their way stateside fairly soon, including the Fiat 500e. This explains its debut at Savile Row in the Mayfair area of London, known for its bespoke tailor shops.

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Callum shared a sketch of the interior ahead of the modelCALLUM

“Our intention is to put the Callum Skye into exclusive low-volume production," said Adam Donfrancesco, engineering director at Callum. "Visitors to Concours on Savile Row will see our prototype developments and we're delighted with the progress so far."

The company has also shown a preview of the Skye's interior, which will feature removable rear seats to boost its cargo capacity, in addition to modern elements like a central infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

So it still be practical for daily use and mundane tasks, the company promises, such as popping into Harrods for a long lunch and some light shopping.

"In order to maximize the room, it's essential to keep the interior forms simple," said Ian Callum, design director. "The interior design intention is incredibly disciplined; we've edited our vision to only include necessary elements, giving the driver and passengers everything they need while avoiding wasted space."

The Warwick, UK-based design and engineering company is opening the order books for the Skye this week, which will range in price from $101,700 to $139,800 in Europe.

Callum promises more details on options later in 2024.

Is there a market for a small but unique EV, including one with off-road capability, with a price tag north of the $100,000? Let us know in the comments below.