Newlyweds In Mustang Lead Police On High-Speed Chase

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Newlyweds In Mustang Lead Police On High-Speed Chase
Newlyweds In Mustang Lead Police On High-Speed Chase

We’ve seen some weird stuff, but newlyweds leading police on a high-speed chase, well that’s a new trick. But that’s what a KOCO News 5 report says happened on US Highway 69 in Pryor Creek, Oklahoma. There are so many jokes to make about this crazy story, but we’ll leave that to the rest of you in the comments.

This is why you should always wear your seatbelt.

Initially, the reason for the officer attempting to pull over the Mustang was that the groom failed to maintain his lane of travel. Oftentimes that’s a sign of impairment, either from intoxication or distraction. We’ll let you decide if either was a factor for these young lovebirds as they were traveling down a highway at night.


During the chase, police say the Ford Mustang reached speeds upwards of 135 mph. The groom allegedly was driving so recklessly he at one point forced another car off the road. We wonder what his new wife thought of his driving skills and such.

An officer was able to successfully deploy Stop Sticks and both tires on the driver’s side tires blew out. After that the Mustang reportedly drove along a grass median, then into oncoming traffic.

That’s when the groom pulled up behind a business and took off on foot, leaving his new bride in the Mustang along with a reportedly stolen gun and a bag full of cash. They must’ve had quite the honeymoon planned.

There’s zero mention of what happened to the bride after the chase, so we’re assuming she wasn’t arrested. What we want to know is did she get an annulment or was this some weird unifying event for the two of them?

Image via KOCO 5 News/YouTube

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