Ohio Dealership Heist Turns Into High-Speed Chase

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Ohio Dealership Heist Turns Into High-Speed Chase
Ohio Dealership Heist Turns Into High-Speed Chase

For years now, thieves have been going to car dealerships in the middle of the night for easy pickings. They’re able to get into whatever supposedly secure storage solution all the vehicle keys are in, the choose whatever cars they want to take, all in just minutes. It happened again recently, this time in Ohio, with one suspect in a stolen Dodge Charger leading police on a high-speed interstate chase.

Criminal mastermind hid inside dealership until it closed.

It was around 3 am on June 7 when there was a break-in at Kings Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Deerfield Township, reports Fox19. Warren County Sheriff’s Office responded to check it out and deputies immediately saw the front glass doors on the showroom were shattered.


They also spotted a Dodge Charger and Ram truck pulling out of the building, barely catching the thieves in the act.

But the criminals weren’t willing to give up without a fight as they sped away, eventually getting on southbound Interstate 71, then transitioning onto westbound Interstate 275.

Somehow the Ram ditched the deputies, maybe it was a TRX but that isn’t specified in the report, so they concentrated on the Charger. But that suspect took them on a twisting route, getting off and on different highways before ultimately dropping the hammer and dusting them as well.

This follows a rash of Dodge Charger thefts from dealerships in the area. These sorts of things often go in waves as a group targets specific makes/models and just goes from one dealership to another.

Dealership heists are a real problem as certain elements of society treat these businesses like car vending machines, without putting money in first, of course. We can’t help but feel this trend is fueling higher costs for vehicles, whether it’s the insurance or crimping supply.

Image via Fox19

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