New but old: 2024 Morgan Plus Four's wooden frame merges with modernity

New but old: 2024 Morgan Plus Four's wooden frame merges with modernity

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While most of the global automotive industry pushes forward to reach the newest and most advanced designs possible, Morgan is clinging to its heritage like a Maine deer tick in April (ask me how I know). The company recently announced the new Plus Four, an evolution of the decades-old design that retains its iconic underpinnings with a few modern enhancements.

Morgan didn’t do away with the car’s wooden frame, opting for a hand-formed aluminum body over ash wood, in a process it calls “21st Century Coachbuilding.” That wood is mated to an aluminum platform that carries the braking, suspension, and electronics. The body also gets updated lighting, a new front splitter, mirrors, and better aerodynamics than previous models.


Powering the Plus Four is a BMW 2.0-liter four-cylinder, but Morgan didn’t elaborate on specs or performance. The car’s standard suspension setup includes new spring rates and revised valved dampers, and the optional Dynamic Handling Pack adds single-way adjustable dampers, springs, and a rear anti-roll bar.

Open-top driving is nowhere near as fun if nobody can hear your stereo, so Morgan gave the new Plus Four a new Sennheiser audio system with lightweight components and updated speaker grilles that mirror the louvers on the car’s hood. Users also get more control over the system with a new LCD screen and a volume knob with integrated track skips and pause functionality.