Polestar 3

polestar 3 review 2024 01 front tracking
polestar 3 review 2024 01 front tracking

Yes, it’s an SUV. And it drives like a sports car.” This is the slogan for the Polestar 3 that greets you on the manufacturer’s website. Hmm. Bold words, Polestar. Bold words…

Can it possibly live up to that? We will soon find out. But for a start, the Polestar 3 is quite a good trick of the eye. Here’s an SUV that’s 4.9m long and 2.1m wide yet doesn’t look massive on the road. Even when it’s creeping, like an alien on a scouting party, through a beautiful old village of narrow roads and stone in the mountains outside of Madrid, it doesn’t shout ‘look at me, I’m a big SUV’ in the way that other large SUVs like the Porsche Cayenne, BMW iX and Range Rover Sport do.