Potato Chips Can Be Deadly

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Potato Chips Can Be Deadly
Potato Chips Can Be Deadly

Distracted driving is a real problem which seems to only be getting worse these days. We all have seen that car swerving around on the road, only to pull up next to it at a light and see the driver texting away. But it’s even worse when someone behind the wheel of a big rig isn’t paying close attention.

Semi-truck crash leads to bee attack.

That’s what happens in the included video of a semi-truck driver who apparently just really needed his potato chips right then. At least that’s the theory people have and we think it’s a good one.

You see in the footage both the front dashcam and one pointed at the cab. A lot of companies have these so they can figure out what happened in a crash. That can be helpful in a potential lawsuit and it can help weed out bad drivers.


Unfortunately for this guy, we seriously question if he had a job after his employer looked at this footage. He’s cruising along on a two-lane rural road and thankfully there’s no traffic to be seen. Perhaps facing he boring monotony of this kind of haul, the guy starts searching around the cab for something.

A lot of people think he was looking for a bag of chips. We’ll just say that’s what it was because it’s a good guess. Anyway, he eventually starts trying to look behind the curtain at the sleeper, but he can’t quite reach it.

Now a smart person would pull over, grab whatever item they wanted, then start driving again. Or they’d do without it until the next time they stopped. Not this guy.

Instead, he undoes his seatbelt so he can slide partway off his seat while reaching further behind the curtain. The only problem is he keeps a hand on the steering wheel and doesn’t keep his eyes on the road ahead.

As he reaches for the chips or whatever, he inadvertently steers the big rig off onto the shoulder. Seeing what’s going on he starts steering the semi-truck back onto the road, but goes a little too hard, flipping it. He and all his stuff, including those precious potato chips, go flying around the cab.

Thus we see potato chips can be deadly, although this guy probably only suffered some bruises and lost his job.

Watch the video for yourself.

Images via usa_transportation/Instagram